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November 29 2014

March 04 2014

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January 20 2014

words cannot express the awesome
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September 16 2013

Das ist ein mailinglisten popcornautomat. Der macht Popcorn, wenn der dramacontent einer ML zu hoch wird --@twena on Overflo's hackerspace drama popcorn automat
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September 02 2013

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September 01 2013

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August 24 2013

what the...
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August 21 2013

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August 08 2013

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Bester Plan von Welt!!!
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Acrobat reader
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August 01 2013

Unlocking a Rigol scope once again


Rigol scopes are finding their way onto the workbenches of makers the world over. There’s a reason for that – they’re so easily upgraded. With a simple software update, you can turn the 50 MHz Rigol o’scope into a model with 100 MHz of bandwidth. Design decisions in one model are sometimes carried over to different product lines, so eventually someone would figure out how to turn the 70 MHz DS2072 scope into the 200 MHz DS2202. A great mod that turns an $800 oscilloscope into one with the features of a $1600 scope.

There’s no internal modifications necessary for this mod; it works simply by sending a few engineering unlock codes to the scope over USB, a simple task that [Blair] implemented with a Raspberry Pi and a bit of Python code. The only fault of the hack is the scope resetting each time it’s powered off. This can, in fact, be accomplished with just about any microcontroller with a Python interpreter.

A fairly uninformative demo video is available below, or you could check out the EEVBlog thread where this mod was conceived here.

We here at Hackaday expect a small, cheap USB/microcontroller dongle thingy that automagically updates the DS2072 to show up in our inbox any day now. We thank whoever sends that in.


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July 30 2013

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July 27 2013

December 05 2012

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June 02 2012

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So flauschiges licht im cccmz
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May 22 2012

March 05 2012

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Limousine mit Chaosknoten-Flagge an der Seitenscheibe vor der CCC-Dependance Wiesbaden.
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Limousine mit Chaosknoten-Flagge an der Seitenscheibe vor der CCC-Dependance Wiesbaden.
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February 18 2012

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Der mate-mat im @cccmz @GND hat nun datasetten
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